St. George’s Volunteer Fire Department 2011 Roster

Back Row: Josh Piercey, Dean White, Kenny Lee, Garreth Bennett, Theodore Bennett, Shawn MacLeod, Robbie Tobin, Jerome Bennett, Captain Allan McLean, Brian Bennett, Toby White, Ronda Sheppard, Ivan White, Jeff Lee, Wanda Cutler.

Front Row: Harry Piercey, Dean Cutler, Jon Piercey, Kyle Hoddinott, Kevin Dumphy, Claude Bennett, Harry Hudson

Missing from Photo: Art Lasaga, Stan Harper, Ralph Falle, Stephen Bennett

Leave of Absence: Jim Tobin, Cory Sheppard, Lori Fillatre


Firemen’s Ball TONIGHT!

See you all at the RC Legion. Remember DD&D everyone.

Chief’s Corner Nov. 2011

Chief Harry Piercey

Can you imagine 40 years? The year is 1971, humans are still landing on the Moon, the Vietnam War continues,  the first email is sent, and the Town of St. George’s gains a Fire Department. How far we’ve come.

Yes friends 40 years, that is how long the St. George’s Volunteer Fire Department has been in existence  What a milestone! And to have a founding member still on board and to be so active is incredible.

This fall has been very quiet call wise, which is good because we can boast about being very busy training wise. Topics we have recently explored through training include; Vehicle Extrication, HAZMAT, and First Aid just to mention a few.

Some good news about equipment. The Dept. has purchased a great set of Heavy Hydraulics for a good price. We are just waiting to get them into the hall. You can be sure there will be loads of training completed with the equipment as soon as humanly possible. Let’s hope we do not need them but at least we will be prepared to utilize the equipment to its purpose and our potential ability to save lives  has now increased tremendously.

A quick note: The Fireman’s Ball will be taking place this weekend (Nov. 26) which will be a awesome time as usual, it has quickly became my favorite night of the year. I get the chance to praise the department on a year of hard work and sacrifice.

Hats off to you all.

Harry Piercey

Chief’s Corner Oct. 2011

Chief Harry Piercey

Well, fall is settling in and summer is becoming nothing but a memory. Training sessions taking place during fall are going smoothly with lots of participation from our firefighters and a huge effort from the department’s training team.

Fire prevention week is here and we must all do our part to promote safety, for the newcomers in the department,  just ask the old-timers what you can do to help out.

Just a few pointers  to help promote Fire Protection would include encouraging people to;

  • inspect their stoves and chimneys
  • replace batteries in smoke detectors and test them regularly
  • wear reflective trim, or bright clothing, while walking – it is getting darker earlier now

An Inspection of our schools will also be completed in the coming days to keep our children safe in their learning environment.

The temperatures are dropping now so lets all be safety conscious as it pertains to all heating sources. For the general public, if you have any safety related questions please contact your local fire department or Fire and Emergency Services.

Have a safe autumn.

Harry Piercey

Chief’s Corner Sept. 2011

Chief Harry Piercey

Well, summer is over once again. I hope everyone had a great one even though the good weather was slow coming. September is a exciting time for our fire department because this is the time when we ramp up our training.

This month we plan to concentrate on pump operations, medical, self contained breathing apparatus, and firefighter mayday procedures. Can’t wait. Our membership is strong and this week we took on three more brave souls.

Welcome aboard.

To update hot news received this summer; the Town of St. Georges will see the construction of a new fire hall and also the purchase of a set of heavy hydraulics. This news is amazing for our department!
I will try and update monthly to keep everyone up to speed on new developments in our department.

Play safe.

Harry Piercey


Welcome to the St. George’s Fire Department home page. SGFD has been providing service to the residents of St. George’s, Newfoundland, Canada for over 40 years. Recent equipment acquisition, combined with extensive personnel training and upgrading enables the department to act as a first responder to a variety of emergencies. If you’re a resident please remember…

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